Steampunk Zombie Hunter -accessories

Weapons and goggles
The pistol was made with the help of of this blog

…which introduced me to the magic of Rub and Buff (Jo-Ann or Michael’s), kind of metal in a tube that you can put on anything to make it look metal; silver, bronze and gold. I only got my hands on gold due to being on a short time, but it worked out good enough.

I spray painted some stuff bronze and some stuff black; underside of an egg carton, hair product jar, spice jars and lids, goggles, water pipe end knobs, pistols, fake knifes and a hatchet …practically anything I could come up with to add to the outfit


Add some stickers and glue decoration nails on the knifes and hatchets, and use a leather band around the handle

An then spray it with a finishing spray so the paint and stickers would survive longer.

Then do the final decision of what to use for the gun and goggles, hot glue it together, and then on with the Rub and buff;

One “eye” is a spice lid with bronze sprayed tüll glue to a piece of carton, with a broken new year tiara part glued around it.

20131027-182722.jpg20131027-182753.jpg found a tutorial somewhere on the internet of how to do a pair of goggles, but lost it and can’t fin it again, kudos to who ever put it up, it helped me a lot! 20131027-182819.jpg



The resultat is pretty good, I just wished I had silver/brons rub and buff to alternate with, but still good enough.

The hat
The hat was found in a Halloween shop for $8, and I added a red band (same velvet as in my dress). A package of black roses from the dollar store and some Rub and Buff on the edges, and a bunch of ostrich feathers, some glued on buttons and home made spring wire to give it an extra touch

The end version has more feathers and the goggles in front.

The bag and trophy belt
The husband bought the Dead Island Riptide game to me a couple of months ago (it’s about zombies), and it come with gizmos like a hotel key, a zombie hula hula dancer and a old fashion looking luggage. I added extra stickers on it to enhance the “old well traveled” look, and attached it to two belt bought at the local thrift store.

The two belt hanged cross one shoulder gave me more room to add two knifes (dollar store) and a hatchet (walmart) in the front, and trophy zombie fingers (dollars store) and recharger (homemade) in the back. One belt around the waist (and a bit rub and buff. Of course), with handcuffs and a baton holder.

The “recharger” is two empty thread spools, black sprayed and Rub and Buffed and then home made spiral wire wrapped around it. (They got a bit beat up during the party)




…and one of the dogs ate my mini zombie with zombie sounds. He left the head though…

(How I made the dress can be found in another post)

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