Steampunk Zombie Hunter -the dress

My Halloween Steampunk Zombie outfit got a lot of questions about how I made it, so here is behind the scene;

There was three things that controlled the outfit;
– I only had a couple of days to make it
– I had a tight budget
– I haven’t done steampunk before

So first, I use Pinterest and search for some inspiration, since I haven’t done steampunk before; gather a couple of pictures with details you like. This is what I took my inspiration from;

The Steampunk dress/outfit has some trademarks that I decided to focus on;

– 19th century clothes with metal and leather
– ruffle and bustle
– weapons with futuristic mechanic
– Hat and “protective” goggles

Since I was suppose to be a zombie hunter, I needed a lot of weapons and I didn’t have to worry about the finishing of the dress; zombies can get at bit ruff sometimes, right?

The skirt
I used one rectangular piece of fabric as base, rounded the corners in the bottom and started sew on ruffles (double folded, just knife pleated them right on, only made sure the mid back was straight and got a box plate so the right and left looked about the same) make sure the row above cover the seam on the row below.

When I got closer to the top I pleated it so it would fit around my waist and added a bustle, stuffed with pillow stuffing, in the “pocket” where I pleated. (The bustle pattern is made from a faint memory of making hip pillows for a 18th century dress around twenty years ago. You can probably find some between pattern online instead.) Then adding the rest of the ruffle to cover the top. I was going to wear something over, otherwise I would have added a big fancy bow on the top. (Notice I didn’t even zickzack anything. To little time, and a zombie hunter can’t be too picky right?


Since it’s open I the front I used a fluffy underskirt to make sure I wasn’t to elaborate…


The top
I already had a ruffled blouse (used so many times for masquerades through the years), that would work, I just added some details (since I didn’t want to destroy it or alter it in anyway); arm covers made out of velvet with bronze sprayed trims and one has a glued on “watch” made from things at the scrapbook section (Jo-Ann) and jewelry stuff I had home, all epoxy together, to kind of give the outfit a “uniform” look. I was going to make the uniform shoulder thingies, but it would have interfered to much with the shoulder bag.

The blouse also had medals; I’m a successful zombie killer, right?


Underneath I had an under bust corset (what I had at home) and a small black blouse (since I only had an underbust corset)

And the result;


Took about 3 days to assemble/sew, and a total cost around $50 (Since I had fabric and some cloths already).

(How I made the accessories can be found in another post)


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