Landsknecht Wams (German 16th c)

One of the next project is to make a wams to fit with the black and white hosen I made a while back. The wams is based on Peter Flötners woodcut from 1535;


The wams is made out of a vest with an attachable front, and is exciting to make since I’ve only seen it being reproduce by two people before, one of them is Master Roland from Atenveldt (Arizona), who also shared interesting information about the construction of the wams, one was the tip of looking at the self portrait of Albrecht Dürer, 1498 which shows a similar construction:


A repduction of the wams without the front piece (photographed at Medieval Week, 2013

The first step is to make a pattern:

My friend had already a basic pattern to work with, so I just adjusted the front into the u-shaped opening.

The wams is going to fit with a pair of checkered black and white hosen, and I therefore draw a suggestion of the color scheme on a copy of the painting, and calculated a fabric amount to be used

The sketch main purpose is to make sure I put the right color on the right side, since it’s important to match the wams with the hosen, you can see the changes that is made; one sleeve is going to be checkered to match the pants.

The basic part of the wams is cut out;


The back design is inspired from another woodcut and slightly changed to fit the rest of the outfit.


The slashed pieces stitched together before the next step; adding the silk puffing


The next step is to add the black and white silk on the inside, which I gather into small pleats for fluffiness which will peak out through the slashes in the front.

All silk has been attached expect the large area with the hearts and spades.

The finished (besides some lacing holes still missing) outfit!



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