Born in Gotheburg, Sweden, and moved to Visby to study Archaeology 2001. Was for a while an active Larper, but being a poor student living in the middle of the Baltic Sea made the larping a bit difficult. 

Have been an active Medival Week visitor since 2000, and a lot of my newly found friends was members of the SCA. I finally joined the SCA in 2007, and at the same time me and a couple of friends started a company to save and continue to run a Medieval restaurant in the middle of the Hanse City of Visby.

I fell in love with a man and moved to California in 2012. I still play the SCA and I still am a part owner of the Medieval Restaurant back in Visby, though my role is nowadays more administrative. If you haven’t been to Visby yet, I heart felty recommend you to go during week 32, Medieval Week.

My main interest is Landsknechts, Reisläufer and campfollowers and the recreation of the garment and accessories. 

Sewing and crafting is my life, and I am also a merchant, traveling mostly around California and Arizona on different events. If you’re curious of what I sell, feel free to take a look in my etsy shop; Pimp Your Garb

Feel free to ask me for advice, and I will do my best to help you or find someone who might be the one you’re looking for.

Commissions: The waiting list is (at the moment of feb 2016) around 6-9 months. All outfits are custom made so be aware that having a full outfit made for you takes about 60-100 hours and is to be compared with a tailored suit or wedding dress. 

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